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Media Coverage about CeADAR

A selection of press about CeADAR can be found here: 26/02/2021 Silicon Republic: New platform to provide researchers with Irish renewables data 25/02/2021 Engineers Ireland: CeADAR and SSE partner to produce AI tool that predicts energy generation at wind farms 24/02/2021 Farmers Journal: Irish developers launch new AI tool to forecast wind energy generation [...]

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CeADAR Open Days Demonstrate the Transformation of Big Data into Value for Industry

CeADAR, the Centre for Applied Data Analytics, has held a series of open days in Dublin and Cork, focused on demonstrating how it can transform information or ‘big data’, into insight and into value for its industry partners. The event entitled 'Big Data Analytics: Technology's Hottest Trend' included a series of prototype demonstrations along with [...]

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Flyers describing CeADAR’s demonstrators to date are available now!

For industry consideration, CeADAR has prepared flyers describing the current demonstrators created by the research teams. The flyers are available here: Theme 1 - Intelligent Analytic Interfaces: Nudge Along Flyer‌ Passive Analytics Flyer SmartSeg Flyer   Theme 2 - Data Management for Analytics: AI Business Process Modelling Flyer Query Correctness Flyer   Theme 3 - [...]

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CeADAR hosted its first Industry Outreach Event

CeADAR hosted its first Industry Outreach Event on Friday, 30th August 2013 from 11am in Nexus UCD. The agenda included: an overview of CeADAR's industry-defined research priority themes, demonstrations of some initial CeADAR technologies that are available for licence, and information about how to become involved with CeADAR. The CeADAR Investigators and Researchers presented to [...]

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CeADAR Open Day

Big Data Analytics: technology’s hottest trend Overviews and hands-on demonstrators of analytics transforming information to insight to value The Centre for Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR) is an industry-led technology centre for the development, and deployment of analytic technology and innovation. The Centre is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. The Centre’s work [...]

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CeADAR’s State-of-the-Art Reports on Industry Topics are available now

CeADAR has just released 9 State-of-the-Art Reports in response to Industry's Priorities. They can be found here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9tf2x_97PnUcHNSZWlLYTZSb2M&usp=sharing Please feel free to contact us with any questions or write us to join if you'd like to be involved in future prioritisation.  

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CeADAR has received an Education Award from Amazon Web Services

CeADAR has received an Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Education Research Grant for the next two years. This grant will give CeADAR researchers access to: AmazonRedshift AWSDirectConnect AmazonCloudcast AWSQueueService AmazonVPC AmazonElastiCache AmazonSES AmazonSIS AmazonCloudSearch AmazonSNS AmazonRoute53 AWSStorageGateway AmazonEC2 AmazonDynamoDB ElasticMapReduce Amazon ETS AmazonSimpleDB AmazonRDS AWSDataTransfer AWSSupportBasic AmazonS3 AmazonCloudFront AWSElasticBeanstalk AmazonGlacier

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CeADAR wants your idea!

CeADAR wants your idea! Please use CeADAR's PROJECT IDEA BOX to submit a new idea right now! CeADAR is accepting project proposal ideas from industry now! CeADAR's PROJECT IDEA BOX is open now! Please complete a Project Idea Form online so that we may start considering your project idea immediately!

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