Introductory Course in Data Analytics
Introductory Course in Data Analytics

This course exposes delegates with no previous experience to data analytics practices for business. Key areas are explored such as the analytical process, how data is created, stored, accessed and how the organization can gain insights from data analytics. It is the intention that delegates leave with the ability to make data driven decisions in the work place. (1 Day)

Hands on Data Analytics

This course will help delegates understand key concepts around data analytics and give hands-on experience and skills.  This course runs through the basic concepts of data analysis, data warehouse design and data visualisation principles. If you are looking to transform data into real business value, this course is for you. (2-5 Days)

Introduction to State of the Art in Machine Learning

In this course, delegates will learn the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them. (2 Days)

Tailored Courses

We also offer tailored courses to meet the demands of your business

  • Tailored workshops (on demand)
  • Tailored course in Data Analytics (on demand)
  • Tailored course in Machine Learning (on demand)
Blockchain: An Introduction

This course offers delegates a comprehensive understanding of what blockchain is, how it works and how blockchain will affect industry as a whole. (1 Day)

AI training for executives

We are offering a series of AI courses that meets the needs of different audiences from AI experts to non-technical people. Our AI training courses can be carried out locally on customer premises or as online live training.

  • Introductory Course in Data Analytics
  • Hands on Data Analytics
  • Introduction to State of the Art in Machine Learning
  • Tailored Courses (on demand)
  • Blockchain: An Introduction
  • AI for executives: This course is geared towards non-technical executives. It will help you learn the AI skills needed as a decision maker. You’ll develop understanding of the core concepts of different AI techniques and their business applications across industries.

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