Business Impact

  • New Product Development is now realistic and possible for SME businesses

  • My projects have a meaningful outcome

  • We can now bring prototypes to market quickly

  • CeADAR enables partnering and collaboration with other companies

  • CeADAR is making sure Ireland is at the table internationally for data analytics

  • Our relationship with CeADAR strengthens our business in Ireland

  • CeADAR helps underwrite our margin by putting the science into our intuition

  • Our projects will deliver business value in the future thanks to CeADAR

Expertise and Demos

  • We have amazing access to data analytics experts through CeADAR that enable projects with meaningful outcomes

  • Highly-qualified R&D experts are now available to us – opening up areas we couldn’t get to easily

  • Demonstrators/researchers understand us so rapid responses

  • Their people are approachable , agile and responsive so we move our projects forward swiftly

  • Highly organised and motivated team enable us to punch above our weight


  • CeADAR have opened up access to University research professional

  • I appreciate the fact that they have a strong and impressive membership that I can network with

  • They’re great at knowledge-sharingand showcasing their products so that I can see the art of the possible for my business

  • Like-minded people exploring common issues is a great boost to how I feel about my challenges

  • They put on good events with strong speakers and high attendance