This event gives you the chance to see for the first time the current tranche of 2020 demonstrator projects at first hand. As we are virtual this year the format is an introduction, followed by the live demo of each new demonstrator.

ExplainML for Text Data (Recording Link)

– Oisin Boydell, Luis Miralles, Quan Le

Explainable AI (XPlainIT) (Recording Link)

– Susan McKeever, Ihsan Ullah, Andre Rios

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity (Recording Link)

– Oisin Boydell, Quan Le

KnowText (Recording Link)

– Bojan Bozic, Tamara Matthews, Jaydeep K. Sasikumar

AI for Earth Observation Data (Recording Link)

– Oisin Boydell, Anthony Faustine, Inder Preet

Text Analytics for Contract Understanding (Recording Link)

– Oisin Boydell, Michael Spence, Luis Miralles