A series of informative and engaging seminars by CeADAR experts
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21 April: Oisin Boydell: Recording Available

AI for Earth Observation Data

23 April: Luis Miralles: Recording Available

Machine learning and online advertising

28 April: Luis Miralles Recording Available

Time series analytics

30 April: Edward McDonnell Recording Available

State funding supports for projects with CeADAR

5 May: Ihsan Ullah  Recording Available

A pyramidal approach for designing deep neural networks

7 May: Ricardo Simon Carbajo

Digital Innovation Hub in AI for the benefit of Industry and Society – Selected Projects

12 May: Méabh Garrick  Recording Available

Introduction to HorizonEurope

14 May: Susan McKeever (Recording not available)

Computer vision and machine learning

19 May: Oisin Boydell  Recording Available

How Blockchain can support AI

21 May: Luis Miralles  Recording Available

Reinforcement Learning

26 May: Bojan Bozic  Recording Available

The Semantic Web and Knowledge Graphs